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In a world of constant change, the comprehensive use of data can determine a company’s market performance.

However, silos make data more difficult to access, while critical data knowledge from individual business domains can become lost in centralized technologies such as data lakes.

This is where the decentralized Data Mesh concept—built on the technological foundation of One Data shows its value: It allows for new perspectives on data that reflect the (corporate) world while granting seamless access to data across the company.

The result: greater productivity and sustainability.

Make Full Use of Linked Data Landscapes

One Data is an AI-powered Data Product Builder with which companies can implement key Data Mesh principles such as “domain ownership” and “data as a product”. As a result, they derive greater value from data across business domains.

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The Data Product Builder at a glance

Unique (team) tools turn data into a business asset:

  • A duplication-free “map” of all data
  • Automated quality checks and AI-based anomaly detection
  • A company-wide “marketplace” for data from individual business domains
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Unlimited data flow via Data Mesh

Connect data (owners)

One Data frees data from silos and creates a transparent view of the source data and its links—across business domains and without duplications.

Deploy data products

Data knowledge from specialist domains makes the difference. High-quality data products can be created as per the principles of data mesh and made accessible to drive business solutions.

Support collaboration

Data owners and users have the same technology at their fingertips without the need for additional IT teams. Access to data products is based on a self-service structure.

Ensure technical data governance

One Data helps safeguard single, decentralized technical data governance. Departments receive the necessary autonomy, while a central team ensures unified, consistent governance.

Solutions along the value chain

One Data enables you to find answers quickly to business challenges—whether for “supply chain”, “data integration” or another domain.

Supply Chain Optimization

These solutions demonstrate how connected data creates resilient supply chains.

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Data Integration Solutions

Learn how companies use our solutions to increase productivity by freeing data from silos.

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Practical insights & networking at our events

Join our One Data events and learn how to transform data into tangible added value for your company. You’ll gain first-hand insights into the practical application of data mesh, data science, and AI from our data science experts. Our events also offer unique opportunities for exchanging ideas and networking.


Comprehensive knowledge for smart decisions

We provide publications focusing on key challenges surrounding Data Mesh, data science, AI, and more. You’ll also find analyses of specific industry topics, plus the latest market and trend observations from companies like Gartner® Inc.

Thought Leadership


Your data science wake-up shot

At Data Doppio, our founder and Managing Director Andreas Böhm and our Chief Data Scientist Sebastian Wernicke share insights into the possibilities of the data mesh concept as well as AI best practices and the latest innovations.

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