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It’s time to transform siloed data into reliable, valuable data products with One Data. The AI-powered Data Product Builder is a single solution to help you build, manage, and share data products 80% faster.

Drain your data silos.
Gain a competitive edge.

One Data is intelligently engineered to help you build, manage, and share data products at speed—from data experts to business users across Enterprise companies at thyssenkrupp, SCHOTT, and ebm-papst.

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Connect business data
from anywhere
in a single solution

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One Data’s
Core Capabilities

Explore the capabilities of the AI-powered Data Product Builder that facilitate data and business professionals in accelerating the transformation of valuable data into shareable data products across the enterprise.

Interactive Data Map
Visualize and find data assets

Gain a powerful overview to quickly find, understand, and inspect available data assets. Connect your most important data in one central location, reducing the time it takes to identify relevant data assets.

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Data Preparation
Harmonize data in minutes

Connect disjointed data from different systems to build comprehensive data products prepared with robust automation and AI-powered data-linking capabilities.

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Data Quality
Ensure trusted decisions

Set up scheduled data quality checks to maintain data products over their full lifecycle. Identify root causes of quality issues with automated and customized checks. Establish an early warning system for data quality in your data applications.

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Data Product Marketplace
Power your projects with data

Find ready-to-use data products on the Data Product Marketplace, a central collaboration space that empowers users with the ability to discover, access, and share data products to drive outcomes.

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Data flows through all departments.
Success requires shared responsibility.

“Data is available for everyone and should be used throughout the company to create value. Thanks to One Data, we were able to achieve the change internally to treat Data as a Product. Data products are thus made available and can be utilized across departments to drive decisions.”

onedata solution departments highlight Martin Kemmer
Head of Smart Factory & OT 4.0

No matter the industry, company size, or stage, every business relies on its individual parts to operate with confidence.

Backed by the right data products, departments can set and monitor meaningful KPIs, adapt to market dynamics, and allocate resources effectively.

Explore One Data for Departmental Data Products

Data products
address industry challenges

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Manufacturers are battling efficiency in an ever-changing economic climate. Companies like thyssenkrupp build data products to solve production challenges.

Get more ship done
onedata solution pharma teaser

Pharmaceutical companies navigating complex landscapes require data products to conduct world-changing research and development while safeguarding intellectual property.

Prescribe the right data
Supply Chain
onedata solution supplychain teaser

Broken links are a constant challenge for companies managing supply chains. Companies like Markant use data products to efficiently allocate resources and improve on-time delivery.

Make happy customers

Exploit more value
from your data

One Data and our partner network have extensive experience in breaking down data silos and assisting you in navigating Data Mesh and Data Fabric approaches.

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Drive greater impact with your data products

In a world that’s constantly changing, using your data to its fullest sets you apart from your competition.

One Data is built to help you achieve this. By connecting your data across systems and making it accessible across teams, you can oversee your entire data landscape and make sense of the bigger picture. It’s time to use your most valuable data and realize the business value that comes with building data products.

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