At the Heart of Everything We Do:
the Employees of One Data.

We – the One Datas – are at the heart of everything we do. Our success comes from our expertise, our creativity, and our dedication, which is why the personal development of our staff is a key focus at all times. This is what defines our core values and serves as our “compass”.

We’ve always followed a bold, yet simple people strategy: Our employees come first. We know our success is based on their experience, creativity, and commitment, which is why it is clear that their growth, skills, and development are a key focus of ours. They define our core values and serve as our own ‘inner compass’. If they are happy, so are we – and so are our clients.

Our teamwork is built on a foundation of mutual respect and tolerance. We give our One Datas the space they need to be creative and help them to flourish – so they can show what they have to offer. We know that processes need to be dynamic and agile, and that means we are always open to receive suggestions for improvement.

Find out more here about our extensive benefits, including further education, flexible working hours, and a healthy work-life balance.

Our Job Offers

One Data – wonderfully diverse

At One Data, we thrive on the diversity of our employees. To ensure everyone comes into their own, we have set up a DE&I committee that takes care of all matters relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion. For example, we are committed to providing equal opportunities for women through the “Women in Big Data” initiative. We also support various other initiatives in the field of DE&I, including:

Diversity storys that matter

Women in big data

Charta der Vielfalt


Our work is shaped by the following values:

  1. Respectful and humble:

    Respect is the foundation for a good corporate culture. We listen to each other and respect each other’s point of view. At One Data, we believe that diversity boosts our success. We respect our colleagues for what distinguishes them as human beings. We come from many different cultures and backgrounds. We treat each other without any bias.

  2. Authentic and real​:

    We communicate and act honestly and sincerely, so that it is easy for our colleagues to understand our true intentions. In this way, we can achieve the best solution. Together we create a trusting work atmosphere so that everyone can be themselves. Being at One Data means being yourself.

  3. Committed and dedicated​:

    We are committed to our teams and colleagues and back each other in every situation.
    We are committed to the promises given to customers and deliver the best work possible. We create an impact in the world of our customers and colleagues.

Why you will feel at home at One Data:

Professional development

Self-improvement, career advice, LinkedIn Learning subscription & more.


Yoga classes and bike leasing as part of our health management program.

Flexible working arrangements

Flexible career paths and working hours on a full or part-time basis.

Work where you want

Choice of remote or in-office work depending on the assignment.


Short-term solutions and subsidies for all aspects of childcare.

Further benefits

You will also receive a pension allowance and a referral bonus for job candidates. It’s also possible to acquire virtual shares in the company. A lunch allowance as well as free drinks and snacks are also part of the package. Want to combine work and vacation? Welcome to our Workation!

Meet the Team

Our employees (over 300 at the current count) come from over 31 countries. Hopefully, you’ll get to know them all soon. Until then, we’d like to introduce a few.

Nasir Ahmad

Data Science

As an application front-end developer, Nasir ensures an optimal user experience. As a family man, he craves unforgettable experiences in natural surroundings and is committed to inclusion, equity, and diversity.

onelogic nasir ahmad

Kyra Bollmeyer

One Data Products

Kyra is a UX designer. She knows our customer journeys inside and out and knows the best longboard routes through Munich.

onelogic kyra bollmeyer

Vaishali Byloor

One Data Products

Vaishali is a passionate software developer who loves not only to explore the world of IT but to discover exciting places while traveling around the globe. She enjoys trying out new recipes and having a good chat over some delicious homemade food.

Alexander Pöll

Software Development

Alex is a rockstar software developer by day and practices his virtuoso rock guitar skills by night.

alexander poell

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