Marco Polo Road to Data Products Workshop

Unlock the value of your data and get your first data product off the ground quickly in this one-day workshop with our team of data product experts. Become the data champion for a real use case of your choice and learn everything you need to know about creating the right data product(s) to start building them the next day. Let’s HACK’L*.
*Bavarian term for working with passion, dedication & fun

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Rapid data product prototyping with One Data

To extract value from data, you need to be able to easily connect data across silos and prepare it for analysis.

At One Data, our experts recommend an agile and practical approach to rapidly building a data product prototype, so you and your stakeholders can quickly see the value and grow your understanding and expertise in implementing data products.

In this two-part workshop, you will learn about Data as a Product, Data Mesh, and data product principles and develop a roadmap based on your cross-functional use case designed for your business. Our team will then work with you to build your data product prototype and discuss how to bring data products to life in your organization.

Taking an agile approach to building data products is a more efficient and sustainable solution to successfully deploying reliable and comprehensive data products that business users need. It’s time to find a faster way to provide data to the business, and with the AI-powered Data Product Builder, data experts can do it in 80 percent less time.

What you will learn:

  • Why treat Data as a Product.
  • How to productize your data.
  • Who key stakeholders and future data product owners will be.
  • What you need to get to a value-generating data product prototype quickly.
  • How the Data Product Builder can help you expedite the build and delivery of data products to your business.

What you need to bring: 

  • Use case: Bring your own real-life specific use case for which we will create a data product roadmap.
  • Time: One hour of your time for a preparation call to discuss your use case and, after that, one full day for the in-person workshop with two of our leading data product experts.
  • Data champions: Bring people passionate about the use case and data product, like a business user and a data engineer trying to create a better 360° customer view.


Our data product experts

Patricia Maria Simic
Solution Architect

Patricia Maria Simic joined One Data while doing her Bachelor’s degree in Statistics at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. After gaining experience as a junior data analyst for three years, Patricia has been working as a solution architect since 2020 while finishing her Master’s degree in Biostatistics.

onedata florian kaspar

Florian Kaspar
Principal AI Solution Architect

As the current Principal Solution Architect at One Data, with nearly a decade of tenure, Florian Kaspar has a deep knowledge of diverse data landscapes and how to best manage them. His career path at One Data, from Software Developer to Principal AI Solution Architect and now Principal Solution Architect, reflects his dedication and deep expertise in AI and software solutions. With his in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience of data products, Florian skilfully guides clients through workshops, providing tangible strategies and insights to optimise their use of data and drive business growth.

onedata ludwig ehlert

Ludwig Ehlert

Ludwig Ehlert, director of solution engineering at One Data, brings a wealth of experience from his seven-year tenure at Tableau, where he rose from product consultant to lead solutions engineer. In 2023, Ludwig brought his deep understanding of data analytics and visualisation tools to One Data, where he now leads the Solution Engineering department. With his blend of leadership and technical expertise, Ludwig continues to push the boundaries at One Data to ensure the best solutions for customers.

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