Whitepaper How to Treat Data as a Product

Strategies for gaining access to and confidently using more of your organizations data

Without having a complete understanding of the data that is available to you for decision-making, you can’t realize its true value.

Well-designed and readily available data products save technical experts and business users enormous time and effort by eliminating the constant cycles needed to find, analyze, combine, and provide data every time a new use case is raised — freeing them to think of data products as a scalable solution to data delivery across the business.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • What is getting in the way of data-driven value generation
  • What data teams need to drive impactful outcomes
  • How to build sustainable and reusable data products using AI
  • The benefits of using One Data’s AI-powered Data Product Builder to help you expedite the delivery of data to the business

Learn how to gain full visibility of your data landscape, manage data at scale and build data products fast to enable everyone in your company to foster business innovation through individual data-driven use cases.

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