20. JULY 2022 Bundestag member Johannes Schätzl Visits One Data* in Passau

Important discussions on digitization, shortage of skilled workers, start-up culture and other socially relevant topics

In addition to our customers and clients, we also host some exciting guests in our offices. On July 15, 2022, the Bundestag member Johannes Schätzl (SPD) visited us at our location in Passau to talk to our founder and managing director, Andreas Böhm, about AI developments, Passau’s transport connections, the skilled-worker shortage, and the lack of a start-up culture in Germany.

Against this backdrop, ideas were exchanged on a variety of subjects at the interface between technology and society, which could not be more topical:

Passau—the place for young talent

Our cooperation with the University of Passau not only enables us to keep up to date with the latest research in the fields of data science and AI, but also opens up direct contact to young talent. With Mr. Schätzl we discussed possibilities for further expanding the attractiveness of the region as a business location, specifically the train connections between Passau and the rest of the country. This is also intended to counteract the shortage of skilled workers in the region.

Agility particularly relevant to government projects

As part of the exchange, one value was highlighted as crucial for government projects: agility. Especially after the pandemic, in which new situations had to be reacted to quickly and effectively, it became apparent that medium-sized companies like One Data*, with flexible, solution-oriented ways of working, can often offer more and deliver more quickly than large corporations. In the future, large IT projects should be awarded to local champions instead of US companies. *formerly known as ONE LOGIC.

Start-up culture in Germany

As a former start-up that made the leap to medium-sized company, we know how complicated founding a company in Germany can be. Andreas Böhm criticized the sometimes-opaque processes demanded by authorities and the lack of fail-forward culture. More tolerance for failing must be established for young entrepreneurs. Potential improvements in this area were brought up by both parties.

Social and societal added value from data

Our goal is to generate sustainable added value from data. As a member of the Bundestag, Johannes Schätzl is particularly concerned about the social and societal added value—a view that we share. As part our exchange, explained to Mr. Schätzl how this value can be sustainably generated from previously unused data, with the help of data science.

Our successful practical examples, such as supply chain optimization or the use of AI to increase sustainability in the logistics sector, were able to convince him that data can generate added value for society.

Social responsibility in the use of artificial intelligence was also discussed. One Data showed how compliance with the Responsible AI principles ensures responsible value creation from data.

As part of our research project “KIMoNo” (AI-based, cross-type mobility optimization in non-urban regions) with the University of Passau, convinced EU transport ministers of the social potential of AI-driven mobility concepts.

Andreas Böhm, Founder and Managing Director

“We hope that the federal government has recognized the particular relevance of digitization in Germany and will provide the appropriate funds for the expansion of the fiber optic network in the future.”

Read the complete press release here to find out what has been discussed between Johannes Schätzl and Andreas Böhm in detail. (German only)

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