02. AUGUST 2022 Survey Reveals: Customers Recommend One Data* Project Teams

“Highly professional employees”: Our motivated project teams score top marks in customer satisfaction

A survey reveals: Customers of One Data* can always rely on the outstanding performance of our highly motivated project teams. Amongst other things, our flexible and solution-oriented way of working was highlighted. The very positive feedback gained from the survey is a guarantee of satisfaction for One Data customers! *formerly known as ONE LOGIC

We are proud of the results of the current customer survey: Satisfaction with One Data remains high. Our customers are very happy with our company as a whole, but most impressed with our project teams and their admirable levels of performance. We are delighted that they would recommend One Data to others.

How do we do it? You—because what you think matters to us as a customer-centric company. That’s why we maintain ongoing contact with our customers and regularly solicit feedback on One Data. It’s how we ensure that our work and products are customized to truly meet the unique and evolving needs of our customers.

High levels of satisfaction and continuous mutual interaction with our customers is particularly important to us at One Data.

We jointly develop sustainable data products that deliver the greatest value to our customers—and strive to continuously improve them. We’re delighted that our dedicated One Data teams and employees received particularly positive feedback in the latest survey—it’s an affirmation of their hard work and our customer-centric corporate culture. It’s also a guarantee of satisfaction for existing and future customers.

Customer-centricity is a top priority at One Data. Our everyday work revolves around maintaining an open and personal dialogue with our customers. We regularly use additional processes, such as our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, which is based on the NPS metric. This Net Promoter Score provides the core measurement for customer experience management programs worldwide. It helps ensure that we have a comprehensive, actionable view of our customer experience performance. On a scale of 0 (not to be recommended) to 10 (highly recommended), the customer can assess One Data project teams, the company as a whole, and their experience of customer support, all within the framework of the survey.

Our project teams achieved a particularly high level of customer satisfaction in this survey: Almost 70 percent of customers awarded 9 and 10 out of 10 and would therefore particularly recommend the One Data project teams. And we’re getting even better—customer satisfaction was high last year but has since increased by another 9.2 percent.

“One Data seems to be one united team that shares the same vision for its product.”

— A customer in the manufacturing industry about the work of our project teams.

It wasn’t just the One Data project teams that did us proud. The company as a whole scored another 2.4 percent when compared to the survey results from 2021—leaving us with a total of 8 out of 10 points on average. Our support and business case solutions scored just as highly.

We never rest on our laurels and our goal for the future is to build upon this positive feedback. An open communications culture and a strong commitment to customers are at the heart of what we do: We develop and continuously refine products that add genuine value and meet real needs. We’re passionate about transparency, reliability, efficiency, and of course our products themselves and will continue to optimize and expand in the coming year. Please keep talking to us! We always look forward to feedback, suggestions, and inspiration from our employees as well as our customers, and are eagerly awaiting the results of future surveys.

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