10. AUGUST 2022 One Data* Opens New Office in Berlin

We are excited about our new foothold in the German capital

After strong personnel growth, One Data expands its offices to Berlin.

One Data* is in a high-growth phase that’s showing no sign of slowing down. In the past few months, we’ve actively recruited unique talent from all over Germany and internationally, and we’re not stopping there: We look forward to further expanding our team of 300 employees in the future. *formerly known as ONE LOGIC.

A bigger team needs a bigger space to call home, especially if they want to collaborate on-site. Initially our new members worked remotely, but as our ranks swelled, we wanted to give everyone in Berlin the opportunity to work together in the office.

Andreas Böhm, Founder and Managing Director

“The Berlin One Datas are thrilled to finally have a place where they can come together in person. Everyone at One Data really appreciates the flexibility of a home office, but there’s no beating real, face-to-face interaction, during a lunch break for example, to forge a proper connection.”

We are very happy about this latest addition to our offices in five major European cities.

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