14. JANUARY 2022 Certified Quality

ONE LOGIC* Receives ISO 9001 Certification

The satisfaction of our customers, our partners and our investors is our top priority. How do we maintain this? It’s very simple: We continuously monitor the market to ensure we understand the exact requirements of our stakeholders, translating these needs into quality products and services. Effective quality management is a key element of this approach. *We’ve been operating as “One Data” since 2023.

At ONE LOGIC, implementing a resilient quality management system (QMS) was a natural step to take. This enables us to maintain an overview of our efficiency and productivity, while continuously optimizing our processes. This also ensures that we’re always well-positioned to deliver on the requirements of our various stakeholder groups.

We are therefore delighted that our efforts in this field have now been recognized:

ONE LOGIC is ISO 9001 certified!

Iso Zertifizierung

We now have official confirmation: Our stakeholders can rest assured that they will receive a consistently high level of quality when they turn to ONE LOGIC. In addition to prioritizing secure production workflows, we attach great importance to diligent, professional work processes. Furthermore, our culture of continuous improvement allows us to constantly optimize our processes and products, ensuring that we always provide the highest level of quality.

As a globally recognized standard, ISO 9001 sets out the minimum requirements to be met by a QMS, so that a company’s products and services meet both the expectations of the customer and official requirements (wherever relevant). The focus is on mapping recurring work processes, responsibilities and information flows as well as organizing internal and external interfaces. It also covers how the quality of work activities is reviewed and therefore guaranteed.

“I’d like to say a huge thank you to the quality management team, along with all process managers and supporting staff for their flawless implementation of all processes and documentation,” says Christian Aumüller, Managing Director and CFO at ONE LOGIC. He continues: “This certification will enable us to further strengthen our customer relations by establishing trust in the quality of our products.”

This seal of quality is a key milestone for ONE LOGIC. Nevertheless, our customers, investors, and partners can be sure of one thing: We have no plans to rest on our laurels now that we have received this certification. We will continue to refine our processes, learn from our experiences, and optimize our methods.

See the quality of our products and services for yourself: Download the official certificate here.

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