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2000+ data products delivered across top organizations with One Data

The benefits are endless

Be the data product heroes for your organization. Deliver AI-powered data products with a purpose-built solution.


Save time developing and managing data pipelines—instead, connect and visualize your entire data asset landscape.


Reduce friction in the development and delivery of data products with repeatable and streamlined processes.


Increase collaboration and contribution to build data products with an easy-to-use interface for business, data, and IT teams.


Store only the data you need—partner with IT to reduce costs storing unnecessary data.


Maximize efficiency by identifying the right data and operationalizing it faster to support resource management.


Reuse reliable data products to drive and scale advanced business initiatives—reduce time generating similar data.

Capabilities included in your One Data instance

All the AI-powered Data Product Builder capabilities at once, no matter the package.


Capability What It Is
Capability What It Is
Connect and Ingest Automated metadata/sample inventory generation from various systems
Central Data Model Automated generation of the interactive data map visualization
Data Map Visualization Unique core steering element for visual representation of your ingested data ecosystem
Discoverability Integrated search and pattern analysis to easily identify and highlight entities or complex patterns
Data Classification Automated classification of your ingested data with textual pattern analysis for flexible tagging
Data Governance Automated detection of regulatory compliance by automatically detecting sensitive information (e.g., PII, GDPR regulations)
Column & Record Linkage Native integrated AI/ML algorithms to automate the linking of data assets across data systems
Data Quality Out-of-the-box predefined anomaly detection functionality with manual, semi-automated, or complete automated incl. notification/alerting
Predefined anomaly detection Out-of-the-box scans for critical values
Data product building Automated validation of completion of the ingested landscape with native end2end functionalities for data product building
Data Product Marketplace Integrated option to publish, access & manage your data products with data product lineage
Data product integration to 3rd Party Native connections to deploy data products out-of-the-box to external tools
Application administration Native functionality to ingest metadata, define pattern and attributes, map layout configuration, comprehensive user rights management
Customization Out-of-the-box configuration of the interactive Data Map, ingestion, set-up extensions for column linkage and data quality

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a data asset?

Data assets are tables from raw data sources connected and ingested in One Data and visualized in the interactive Data Map supporting usage, discovery, and search.

What is an Admin account?

Admin accounts have access to define the roles for configuration and fine-tuning of Data Product Builder capabilities within the application (connect, ingest, map appearance, classification, quality).

What are your SLA reaction times?

Service-Level Agreements for resolution times are:

  • Urgent: Pro. Support (4h/8h) | Premium Support (1h/6h)
  • High: Pro. Support (8h/14h) | Premium Support (4h/12h)
  • Medium: Pro. Support (12h/48h) | Premium Support (8h/32h)
  • Low: Pro. Support (18h/80h) | Premium Support (12h/60h)
Who are the users of One Data?

One Data can be used by Data Experts (e.g. Data Engineers, Data Architects, or Data Scientists) and Business Users from all departments.

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