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One Data Cartography enables companies to deal with data in a completely new way and transforms the decentralized data mesh from concept to reality. Yet how does this work? See for yourself and use the demo offers on this page to explore our product and the possibilities.

How to achieve connected data

Managing large amounts of data is challenging, especially when that data is spread across silos. The key lies in building a solid data foundation that makes it easy to integrate and manage data— and connects business domains with each other. Then data can be fully utilized to generate value for the business.

Watch our live demos and videos and learn how to:

  • Create a centralized, comprehensive overview of all databases
  • Identify vulnerabilities and reveal connections between data
  • Improve the quality of the entire database

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One Data Cartography—
(Data-)Productize Your Business

How can the data mesh concept be implemented in your company and what are the possibilities? Find out in this on-demand webinar! You’ll learn:

  • how to break down data silos in your company
  • how your company turns data into products
  • about the value of transparency in your data landscape
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