We consolidate data-based knowledge, create intelligent connections across (corporate) borders and leverage the support of our data science team to develop solutions that enable huge advances in performance in the fields of R&D, production and sales. We are pleased to present several of these solutions on this page.


Supply chain optimization

Resilient supply chains are essential to ensure a company remains competitive – especially during a global chip shortage and interruptions to various economic channels. Our supply chain solutions are designed to establish robust processes: We integrate both internal and external data into analyses and identify bottlenecks in the supply chain so that further congestion is avoided in the production process.

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Data integration solutions

Data can play a key role in increasing a company’s efficiency and productivity. However, this calls for data to be freed from silos, analyzed holistically and made available in its optimum form for the experts to use. We do all three, paving the way for the development of comprehensive data integration solutions.

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Our industry knowhow

Every industry has unique challenges that are important to be aware of if solutions are to be implemented successfully. This is why we focus on key segments such as manufacturing & automotive, retail, and pharma & biotech. We unlock new corporate value in these fields based on our AI-driven solutions.

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Our data science expertise

Our data science experts help companies use data to create value that can be measured quickly and easily. The enabling technology One Data Cartography forms the basis for this. We use it, for example, to make data universally accessible and link data owners with consumers. This allows for the development of end-to-end solutions with rapid, scalable and highly flexible processes. You can rely on the extensive expertise of our experienced data science team – from identifying your business case through to a rapid go-live.

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Data Science Expertise
Dieter Grossmann

"With One Data*, we free data from their transactional prisons."

Dieter GrossmannHead of Data Intelligence, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

*formerly ONE LOGIC

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