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Data products come in various forms and serve different purposes, both individually to address specific questions and collectively to drive innovation across industries. Regardless of their use, data products share a common goal: simplifying data harmonization, preparation, quality assurance, and accessibility. This saves your data teams time and allows business users to extract insights from data products, adding value to your organization.

With the AI-powered Data Product Builder, you can accelerate the development of new data products tailored to your industry’s unique challenges.

Explore data products unique to your business

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Data products empower manufacturing companies to tackle supply chain challenges, optimize operations, enhance visibility, and achieve greater efficiency.

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Leverage data products to navigate complex challenges in the pharmaceutical industry, including compliance, R&D, and supply chain management. Improve innovation for better healthcare outcomes.

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Supply Chain
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Overcome supply chain challenges by developing data products, gaining insights, streamlining processes, and efficiently meeting customer demands.

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Everyone in the business benefits from data products
—not just data experts


Identify, track, and convert the right prospects to develop loyal customers.
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Optimize brand and reputation building, lead generation, or customer acquisition optimization.

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Forecast cash flow, measure costs, or establish critical KPIs to manage your business effectively.
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Improve market readiness and gain insights into customer needs.
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Achieve savings and minimize purchasing disruptions.
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Support organizational growth and people development.
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Join a One Data demo to explore how the AI-powered Data Product Builder can help you transform your data into invaluable products and implement the Data Mesh approach.

What is a data product?

Data products are used to generate insights using business intelligence and analytics tools, accelerate advanced analytics projects, or fuel data-driven applications and tools that support decisions and processes.

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If you’re interested in learning more about the Data Mesh approach and the principles of treating Data as a Product, visit our Data Mesh Hub for additional resources and tools on these topics.