Merging Data Intelligently to Create More Value and Increase Productivity

The markets are in a constant state of flux, as is customer behavior and the internal demands placed on corporate processes. Our data integration solutions allow for a profound understanding of these changes, boost productivity, and facilitate new product developments.

Companies frequently offer a wide range of products. As a result, their structures and processes are rather fragmented, which in turn causes the amount of data generated for customers, production and sales to explode. At the same time, these datasets are distributed across various systems – making it an ongoing task to collect this knowledge. Our solutions facilitate this key integration process across system and departmental boundaries.

The basis for this is our innovative enabling technology One Data Cartography, which breaks down silos and consolidates data across boundaries. The result is an automatically generated data map that reveals weak spots and discloses data connections. Using this as our basis, we rely on our experienced data science team to rapidly develop data integration solutions that create value – as the following use cases show:

SCHOTT AG Realizes the Data Mesh Concept with One Data

Paving the way for business innovation through data products.

With the help of One Data, the glass specialist is implementing the Data Mesh concept and thus strengthen data competence and improve data use in the individual departments within their company. This paves the way for faster implementation of all data-based projects and becoming a true “data culture” company.

With the technical possibilities provided by One Data, SCHOTT can realize its vision of becoming a data-driven company.

An overview of the complete solution:

The PDF contains all figures, details and background information about our solution.


Optimizing production processes in steel production

Steel production processes lead to the creation of billions of data points for offers, quality assurance, logistics and much more.

At thyssenkrupp Steel Europe (SE), linking these types of data calls for a huge amount of manual work. In addition, there is a lack of transparency surrounding cross-departmental responsibilities.

Our solution uses artificial intelligence to correlate existing and future company data and makes all forms of analysis much easier. It creates an overarching data layer that can be uniformly addressed and evaluated, e.g. to optimize transport logistics and reduce frictional losses in the supply chain.

An overview of the complete solution:

The PDF contains all figures, details and background information about our solution.


Predicting demand for models in the automotive industry

Car buyers have a huge number of models and equipment packages to choose from, enabling the product to be personalized significantly.

The key question for dealers: Which products need to be in stock in which configurations in order to meet demand? Our solution harnesses the power of AI analysis to determine customer requirements ahead of time.

It links Internet configuration data generated by customers, historical sales data from dealers, and both available models as well as the costs of specific models. This enables the dealer to initiate a pre-configured order “at the touch of a button”, thereby harnessing the full commercial potential and increasing customer satisfaction.

An overview of the complete solution:

The PDF contains all figures, details and background information about our solution.


Delivery tracking with an emotional touch for manufacturers

After placing an order, customers want to know when they may use their product.

Our solution – for a company in the production industry – enables the exact moment of delivery to be predicted in real time, which contributes to a positive customer journey.

The solution is based on linking company data pertaining to factory calendars, throughput times, production processes and supply chains. Customers can then follow the route taken by their product on a map in real time. Adding an emotional touch to the journey generates additional revenue in the form of upselling.

An overview of the complete solution:

The PDF contains all figures, details and background information about our solution.


The benefits of our data integration solutions

1. An increase in sales revenue

By accurately predicting customer behavior, offers and stocks can be optimized, and the commercial potential can be harnessed in full. Furthermore, data-based, innovatively designed customer journeys allow for the possibility of upselling.

2. Savings in logistics and production

Maximum transparency paired with comprehensive access to data linked throughout the company enables transport and production processes to be fully optimized. Our solutions generate accurate sales forecasts as a means of optimizing inventories and keeping supply chains free of problems.

3. Customer satisfaction along the entire customer journey

Our solutions’ sales forecasts ensure that (limited) offers and customer demand are coordinated for optimum effect. Our innovations also mean that delivery times are met and emotional market experiences are created, thus improving customer retention.

Dieter Grossmann

“Without the willingness of the project managers and the team as a whole to keep coming at the matter from new angles and understanding what thyssenkrupp Steel Europe wanted to achieve, we wouldn’t have come as far as we have done – and wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Dieter GrossmannHead of Data Intelligence, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

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