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Our moderators and data experts Dr. Andreas Boehm and Dr. Sebastian Wernicke are ready to serve you a cup of “Data Doppio”. In each episode, the two discuss the ins and outs of this ever-changing field with a varied line-up of interesting guests.

How can you generate added value for companies using data? What future challenges will arise for AI and data science? Is a data mesh architecture right for my company? Our podcast provides answers, honest opinions, and well-founded advice!

Please note: One Data operated as “ONE LOGIC” until end of 2022. Episodes from previous years may therefore refer to the former company name. The podcast is currently available in German only.

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Two hosts—double-strength expertise

With decades of experience, our data baristas Dr. Andreas Boehm and Dr. Sebastian Wernicke are the ideal moderators and hosts.

Andreas Böhm
Founder and Managing Director

Sebastian Wernicke
Chief Data Scientist

Please note: The podcast is currently available in German only.

Episode 13 | Lars Bäumann - Global Automotive Executive

Lars Bäumann (Global Automotive Executive): “Logistics is often controlled via streams of information.”

Lars Bäumann, Global Automotive Executive, tells listeners about the innovative journey taken by one of the biggest German car manufacturer and shows why AI-based product platforms are the key to digital transformation.

Episode 12 | Reiner Sailer - Lead Service Owner B2B-Integration, Markant Services International

Reiner Sailer (Markant Services International): “Communication, patience, spit and polish.”

Reiner Sailer (Markant Services International) talks about supply chain optimization with trucks and offers predictions on the immense value of data sharing.

Episode 11 | Gernot Molin, data platforms & AI expert, fellow at BARC for Advanced Analytics & AI

Gernot Molin (fellow at BARC for Advanced Analytics & AI): “Automatization of decision making – that’s what it must come down to.”

Gernot Molin, data platforms & AI expert and fellow at BARC for Advanced Analytics & AI, talks about two technology trends, data mesh and data platforms, and the opportunities offered by machine learning technologies as part of process automatization.

Episode 10 | Dieter Grossmann - Head of Enterprise Platforms and Data Intelligence, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

Dieter Grossmann (thyssenkrupp SE): “We want to build a Smart Holistic Twin for the entire SME process”

Dieter Grossmann, Head of Enterprise Platforms and Data Intelligence at thyssenkrupp SE, shares his experience about data lakes, forecasting and systematization of data at one of the leading manufacturers of quality flat-bar steel worldwide. He also reveals why it is worth integrating current AI trends into a company’s process in the form of data products.

Episode 9 | Patrick Klingler - Manager for Data Architecture and Artificial Intelligence, Mercedes-Benz Group AG

Patrick Klinger (Mercedes-Benz Group AG): “Drawing data out of the shadow world and into product-oriented thinking”

Patrick Klinger, manager for data architecture and artificial intelligence at Mercedes-Benz AG, offers exciting insights into the use of data in production at Mercedes as well as topics such as data mesh and edge AI.

Episode 8 | Jonas Rashedi - Director Data Intelligence & Technology, Douglas

Jonas Rashedi (Douglas): “We have many people in top management who want to make decisions based on data.”

Jonas Rashedi, Head of Data at Douglas, speaks to us about data strategies, use cases and the levels of maturity of data-driven companies.

Episode 7 | Rainer Hoffmann - Senior Manager Digital Transformation, EnBW

Rainer Hoffmann (EnBW): “AI is everyone’s business.”

Rainer Hoffmann, Senior Manager Digital Transformation at EnBW, on the digital transformation of companies and the challenges that arise as a result.

Episode 6 | Tino Eichler - Principal, Head of BI & Analytics, Hovárth

Tino Eichler (Hovárth): “We want to make tools available that enable decision makers to make better decisions and gain a competitive advantage.”

Tino Eichler, Principal, Head of BI & Analytics at Hovárth, gives us an insight into the significance of business intelligence and analytics for companies.

Episode 5 | Frederik Wulff - CEO, Markel Insurance SE

Frederik Wulff (Markel): “I often say to our younger staff: I think you’d do well to earn an additional qualification in data science.”

Frederik Wulff, CEO of Markel Insurance SE, shares his experiences about the use of data science and AI in the insurance industry – particularly in underwriting – and outlines the current obstacles in this field.

Episode 4 | Dr. Daniel Troendle - Data Scientist, BASF

Dr. Daniel Troendle (BASF): “How can I automatically review 60 million time series?”

Dr. Daniel Troendle, data scientist at BASF, speaks to us about forecasting and the importance of monitoring, explainable AI and digital farming.

Episode 3 | Prof. Dr. Michael Granitzer - Chair of Data Science, University of Passau

Prof. Dr. Michael Granitzer (University of Passau): “Data science technologies have to be viewed in context and monitored on an ongoing basis.”

Prof. Dr. Michael Granitzer, holder of the Chair of Data Science at the University of Passau, speaks about “clean” data, the skill set of data scientists and the ethical use of AI.

Episode 2 | Dr. Carsten Bange - Founder and Managing Director, BARC

Part 1:
Dr. Carsten Bange (BARC): “The need to improve operationalization and make it more scalable is on the minds of many right now.”
Dr. Carsten Bange, founder and Managing Director of BARC, on the productive use of data products, role models in data science, and the status of AI in Europe.
Data Doppio | Episode #2, Part 1

Part 2:
Dr. Carsten Bange (BARC): “If we didn’t have the culture within the company to make decisions based on data, nothing would happen.”
Dr. Carsten Bange, founder and Managing Director of BARC, on data-based culture, flagship projects and data governance.

Episode 1 | Andreas Böhm - Founder and Managing Director and Sebastian Wernicke - Chief Data Scientist, One Data

Andreas Böhm (One Data): “Roll up your sleeves, get involved and really do something with data!”

Andreas Böhm, founder and Managing Director of One Data, and Sebastian Wernicke, Chief Data Scientist at One Data, welcome you to the first episode of Data Doppio. In this podcast, they discuss data products, stakeholder management and how to harmonize data.

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