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Procure Critical Components and Reduce Overcapacities in One Platform

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Suppliers of electronic components for the automotive industry face the challenge of complex global supply chains being frequently disrupted resulting in shortages or massive overstock of semiconductors. Wavetrade helps resolve this imbalance.

The matching platform provides access to an inventory of excess and critical components from the participating automotive community and allows these to be systematically exchanged—automated, fast, and simple. Exchange partners can stay completely anonymous on the platform and the exchanged components can be additionally quality checked and authenticated by an intermediate party. In this way, Wavetrade complements existing supply chains by offering companies an essential alternative channel for dealing with stock imbalances. The result? Optimized stock and net working capital, fewer disruptions, and less production downtime.

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Making the Industry Inventory of Critical Components Available

1. Strategically reduce stock inventories

Wavetrade makes the stock of surplus chips of participating community members available to the entire community. Members can sell and buy components to and from each other. This enables inventory reduction and net working capital optimization. Anonymity is maintained until components being searched for are matched with those being offered and can even be extended for the whole trade.

2. Avoid ad-hoc escalations via an additional channel

Trading critical components requires intense manual effort without a systematic platform. Also, component matching can only be carried out unsystematically and at short notice via a large, resource-heavy task force. In contrast, Wavetrade continuously screens supply and demand on the platform and systematically matches them.

3. Radically simplify and systematize the procurement of critical components

The community members publish search queries and bids for critical components in Wavetrade anonymously and receive a notification as soon as a match is found. The platform allows transactions to be easily processed directly between participating companies or via an intermediary to preserve anonymity.

Wavetrade FAQs

How Wavetrade works

Wavetrade provides supply chain managers with an additional procurement channel and accelerates the trading of critical components. Procuring the required components and reducing inventories of overstock components becomes part of a single, seamless system. Partners can stay completely anonymous during a trade and collaborate through an intermediary that also takes care of quality assurance. Alternatively as soon as a match is confirmed, both partners can immediately view the responsible contact person and their contact details to directly set up the contract.

Overview of core functions

Leverage industry-wide availability of critical components

If bottlenecks for critical components occur, Wavetrade clearly and anonymously displays available components to the participating community. In this way, replacements can be instantly identified and the buying process can immediately be initiated to offer a fast and effective solution. In addition, it’s possible to publish search queries based on a specific bottleneck or to offer excess chips.

Conduct searches independent of product names

Components often have different names or article numbers assigned internally, which can make it difficult or even impossible to identify suitable replacements. Wavetrade systematically compares and merges product information, resulting in accurate matches based on high-quality and complete data.

What can I do on Wavetrade?

With Wavetrade you can buy electronic components that are critical for you and sell overstock components.

Are the components on Wavetrade quality assured?

If you buy electronic components on Wavetrade you have the option to include quality assurance through an independent intermediate party (not the seller of the components).

Where will my Wavetrade Client be hosted?

Your Wavetrade client can either be hosted within your existing IT landscape or we take care of the hosting (SaaS).

How long does it take to start with Wavetrade?

Depending on the hosting a full Wavetrade setup takes a couple of days to few weeks. The Wavetrade Client is ready for immediate deployment. During the setup phase you can already start selling and buying on the Wavetrade platform through a transition solution.

Who else is on Wavetrade?

Wavetrade at the moment is used by Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive sector that are searching for an additional procurement channel of electronic components. In the future companies from other industries will join Wavetrade to strengthen supply chain resilience through cross-industry potentials.

Can I stay anonymous on Wavetrade?

Yes. In the initiation phase of a trade, you always act anonymously. As soon as a trade confirmation is achieved you can choose to directly interact with the counterparty or stay anonymous for the whole trade. If choosing latter the trade is processed through an independent intermediate party.

Who takes care of quality assurance, the processing of a trade and the guarantee of full anonymity?

Wavetrade partnered with a well-known and highly experienced company in the electronic component space. This company can act as independent intermediate party if the buyer and/or seller want to make use of it. We are happy to introduce to you the whole concept and our partner in a noncommittal meeting.

Download the Wavetrade product flyer free of charge: “Procure critical components—and prevent production downtimes.”

As a matching platform, Wavetrade makes the surplus stock of critical chip components available so they can be systematically exchanged among participating members of the automotive community. This helps to reduce stock inventories and provides an additional way for mitigating supply chain bottlenecks.

  • Search, offer, and act on critical components
  • Systematically reduce stock inventories
  • Go live in no time
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