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Gain powerful visibility to quickly discover and access available data assets, helping you embark on your data product development mission. Expedite your data delivery processes by making faster decisions in the design and development of data products with our AI-powered interactive data map.

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A faster route to your data

Connect your most important data in one central place

Eliminate the chaos of searching for, cleaning, and analyzing data across multiple sources. Import data from your existing data sources, suppliers and partners, or independent market data your business requires to get a complete view of inventory available to support data product building. Enable your data experts to manage the most important data your team needs for insights — in one place, while empowering anyone within your organization to build data products.

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Reduce stress and manual work

Reduce the stress and manual work associated with finding data across your systems and delivering it to the right people. Set up connections and configure your most important data sources, ensuring data is available in One Data, resulting in a more sustainable process on your timeline. With standardized processes in place, your data team can minimize time-consuming bottlenecks and scale data delivery.

Discover relevant, available data assets in minutes

Whether you need a high-level overview of your data inventory or specific data for a particular product, One Data’s built-in AI-powered search functionality and automatic clustering enable you to find what you need easily. View details within the same step to instantly verify the right data, accelerate data quality inspections, and make quicker development decisions.

Proven success

onedata martin kemmer
Martin Kemmer, Head of Smart Factory & OT4.0, SCHOTT AG

“Thanks to One Data, we can easily connect disparate sources of data and visualize our entire data landscape in an interactive map. We are creating quality-assured data products in no time, providing them to the individual departments and making them easily accessible and thus usable for everyone. The results are usable data, custom-fit use cases from the lead, clear ownership over data assets, and ultimately an acceleration of all data-driven projects.”

Be your company’s guiding light

Data map for manufacturing

Challenges with unstable supply chains and inaccurate inventories impact manufacturers, consumers, and everyone in between. One Data’s interactive data map offers insights such as supplier inventory, owned inventory, and inventory turnover to help manufacturers forecast better, order more efficiently, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Data map for pharmaceuticals

As purveyors of critical medications and champions of innovation, pharmaceutical companies have a significant responsibility: improving health outcomes worldwide. One Data’s interactive data map provides details like revenue, cost of goods sold, research and development, and more, helping them prevent compliance violations, accelerate drug development, and improve patient care.

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Data map for supply chains

Today’s supply chains are unpredictable, making it difficult to manage inventory levels and meet customer demands. One Data’s interactive data map provides companies managing supply chains with insights like inventory turnover, fill rate, and warehousing costs to help manage seasonal demand, control costs, and predictably deliver their products.

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