Data Preparation

Prepare your data for launch

Gain full visibility into your data assets, explore available connections using powerful AI, and drive more trusted decisions fueled by data products prepared with robust data preparation capabilities.

More mileage from your data

Harmonize and validate your data in seconds

Prepare your data to become a powerful data product that can change the way you manage inventory, make decisions, and achieve business outcomes. Better understand how your data assets are connected using a set of capabilities that allow you to track and trace across assets and quickly drill down into individual data assets to validate that you are using the right data to support your analysis.

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Simplify the way you connect disconnected data

A powerful data product isn’t complete with disconnected data assets floating around your ecosystem. Establish links between your most important data assets to make the most of what’s available. Using built-in functionality powered by AI and machine learning algorithms, you’ll quickly uncover ways to connect, match, or merge data that has previously been lost in space.

Eliminate errors fast with data lineage capabilities

Trace your data back to its original sources and track changes that impact the quality of your data products. With One Data, your team can identify data asset and data product owners to remedy problems immediately or diagnose data products on the spot. Spend less time searching for what’s causing the error and more time ensuring your data supports governance, improves transparency, and builds trust.

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Ensuring data interoperability by up to 80%

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Martin Kemmer, Head of Smart Factory & OT4.0, SCHOTT AG

“Our goal was to move away from our centralized data architecture. Our team was overwhelmed with requests and did not have the complete domain knowledge or time to proactively develop data products for the business. This resulted in only a small fraction of data being used and limiting our real potential. We wanted to turn the concept around and democratize the use of data: With One Data, we were able to reduce the effort required to integrate data and ensure data interoperability by up to 80% through automated data preparation processes.”

Your journey to data product excellence

Data prep for manufacturing

Demand forecasting is a significant challenge for manufacturers dealing with disconnected data. It can result in stockouts and excess inventory—both of which can have a major impact on the bottom line. One Data’s data preparation capabilities help manufacturing companies avoid these problems by providing simple, effective, and fast ways to link disconnected data.

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Data prep for pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry relies on extensive research and development. When disconnected data exists, inaccurate insights about clinical trials, drug usage, and more can pose a significant risk. One Data’s data preparation capabilities help pharmaceutical companies stay compliant and keep their patients safe with quick and painless ways to connect and understand their data.

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Data prep for supply chains

Companies that manage supply chains are highly susceptible to disconnected data, which can lead to problems like managing inventory levels and forecasting accurately. One Data’s data preparation capabilities help companies managing supply chains maintain optimal inventory levels, ensure transparency across the company, and drive cost savings.

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