Data Product Marketplace

A central collaboration space to find available data products

Publish ready-to-use data products on the Data Product Marketplace, providing approved users with the ability to find, discover, access, share, and use data products for launching your biggest projects or shaping the future of your business. Data products can be deployed to 3rd party tools to help you power reports, dashboards or internal applications generating more value from your investments.

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Data that goes far beyond a dashboard

Enhance collaboration for faster, informed decisions

Store your data products in the Data Product Marketplace, where authorized users can find, access, and share available data products, enabling them to make more informed and efficient business decisions. Designed as a collaboration space, the Data Product Marketplace is most effective when accessible across various departments. Working with external partners? Not a problem. Grant them access to facilitate closer collaboration and meet business requirements.

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Power your projects with data products

Accelerate decision-making and your processes by powering your data projects or business applications with data products. Integrate One Data with your internal tools or third-party solutions to deploy data products to visualization tools like Tableau and Power BI, data science tools like Databricks, or cloud platforms such as Snowflake, AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Use your data at scale

Data products built in One Data are designed for multiple use cases, enabling teams to scale their data utilization to generate advanced insights and informed decisions. Unlock more powerful insights from your data by reusing and iterating on the data products available within your Data Product Marketplace.

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Democratizing data products across the enterprise

onedata martin kemmer
Martin Kemmer, Head of Smart Factory & OT4.0, SCHOTT AG

“Data is available for everyone and should be used throughout the company to create value. Thanks to One Data, we were able to achieve the change internally to treat Data as a Product. Data products are thus made available and can be utilized across departments to drive decisions.”

Enhancing data, strengthening partnerships

Data Product Marketplace for manufacturing

One of the biggest challenges manufacturers face today is inventory management. With One Data’s Data Product Marketplace, manufacturing companies can gain more precise data insights to mitigate issues like stockouts or excess inventory, which can significantly impact their bottom line.

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Data Product Marketplace for pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical companies rely on data to produce medications, understand customer feedback, and identify potential quality issues. With One Data’s Data Product Marketplace, pharmaceutical companies can easily share this data across teams to expedite the delivery of critical, life-saving products.

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Data Product Marketplace for supply chains

Companies overseeing supply chains often contend with numerous supplier relationships, which can be time-consuming to manage. One Data’s Data Product Marketplace assists these companies in collaborating with their suppliers and maintaining accurate metrics related to warehousing costs, delivery speed, and fill rate.

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