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Transform the quality of your data

Maximize the powerful insights, streamlined processes, and higher visibility into your data products by ensuring high data quality.

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Set a new bar for your data products

Deploy automated and customized data quality checks

Solve one of your data team’s greatest challenges: ensuring quality data. With features like automatic tagging, column labeling, and customizable quality checks, One Data makes it easy for teams to validate that data products are ready to use. Run quality checks across multiple data assets or for single data products. This can be done manually, semi-automatically, or fully automated, depending on your specific requirements.

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Get quality alerts on your schedule

Data product management doesn’t have to be stressful. With One Data’s quality alerts, schedule automated reports to ensure your data is meeting the quality standards you set. These reports pinpoint data products that deviate from the set standards. And since One Data’s data lineage capabilities trace issues directly back to the source, you can quickly identify and fix errors.

Centralize data for enhanced collaboration and visibility

After validating your data quality, publish your ready-to-use data products to the Data Product Marketplace. Here, approved users can easily access reliable and reusable data products to generate insights based on their needs. Deploy your data products to other business tools, like Tableau or Power BI, for maximum impact. Alternatively, share with external partners to foster collaboration and better meet business demands.

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Proven success

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Martin Kemmer, Head of Smart Factory & OT4.0, SCHOTT AG

“Thanks to One Data, we can easily connect disparate sources of data and visualize our entire data landscape in an interactive map. We are creating quality-assured data products in no time, providing them to the individual departments and making them easily accessible and thus usable for everyone. The results are usable data, custom-fit use cases from the lead, clear ownership over data assets, and ultimately an acceleration of all data-driven projects.”

Make your mark

Data quality for manufacturing

Inconsistent quality is one of the most common problems in manufacturing, and producing higher-quality products starts with ensuring higher-quality data. One Data’s data quality capabilities help manufacturers gain more accurate insights on things like customer satisfaction and raw materials variances so they can start fixing quality problems head-on.

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Data quality for pharmaceuticals

When quality control is literally the difference between life and death, it’s critical that pharmaceutical companies keep their data in good health. One Data’s data quality capabilities allow pharmaceutical companies to produce safe medications, better understand customer feedback, and detect quality issues early.

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Data quality for supply chains

When companies managing supply chains ignore their data quality, many other areas of the business take a hit: demand forecasting, inventory management, and supplier relationships, to name just a few. One Data’s data quality capabilities help these companies collaborate with their partners and more precisely measure things like fill rate, warehousing costs, and delivery speed.

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