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The pressure is on to boost your business impact. It’s time to rethink how you deliver data to your business.

One Data’s AI-powered Data Product Builder allows you to connect, discover, prep, quality check and deploy ready to use data products to the marketplace or deploy them to any 3rd party tool like Tableau, Snowflake or your custom application. Bring data from anywhere and connect to your different data sources including your company data or any external data like supplier data or market data.

One Data makes the process of discovering available data to delivering data products easy and fast. Link data assets using built-in AI to establish relationships and run automated quality checks to ensure they are ready for use. This boosts productivity, sustainability, and transparency into available and ready-to-use data products for your entire business.

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Why You Should Treat Data as a Product

Data products are the result of applying the Data Mesh principle of treating data as a product to the way your organization manages data. It applies product thinking to data, ensuring quality and accessibility. Business domains create and manage data products on a self-service marketplace, enabling both your business and technical users to find and use the data they need. Read more about data products on our Data Mesh Hub.

Data Products in the Data Mesh Approach

Building Data Products with One Data

1. Gain full visibility and insights across your entire data landscape

One Data’s AI-powered Data Product Builder creates a replication-free data map across all your connected source systems. Data owners—typically business domains—and specific data experts can manage all their data, regardless of its volume and complexity.

2. Fast-track and standardize the development of data products

AI-based anomaly detection, automated quality checks, and metadata enrichment help data professionals create data products that scale. They can easily be shared and reused by other teams or on the next project

3. Foster business innovation based on comprehensive data products

With the AI-powered Data Product Builder you and your data owners, data users, and developers work hand-in-hand with the same technology—without having to go directly to data owners or IT. Through the integrated Data Product Marketplace, teams can make data product requests, get access approvals, and search for data products.

4. Get more value from the data and technology investments you’ve already made

The AI-powered Data Product Builder integrates any third-party tools for BI and analytics like Tableau, data science tools like Databricks, or all major data storage solutions like Snowflake. Keep using the tools you know and extend them with One Data.

Deploy where it makes sense.
On-premises or in the cloud in days.

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Demo Video: How One Data Works

Watch our demo video to learn how the AI-powered Data Product Builder can help you turn your data into an invaluable product and implement the Data Mesh approach.

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Core Capabilities at a Glance

Automatically prepare, classify and find data with AI

Use advanced algorithms and automated pipelines to create a complete fingerprint of the broad and complete data landscape, including classification and identification of personal data as an example. Hierarchical zoom levels and visual levels group datasets according to their properties and allow you to easily navigate through the data landscape. Use the metadata-based search to find specific data and its relationships.

Data product value: Searchable, accessible, connected data products

Track and link data across systems

The AI-powered Data Product Builder enables holistic and seamless data tracking across system boundaries using record linkage, to automatically connect data silos and similar column names in separate data sets are identified and linked together by algorithms based on metadata. For example, related information—such as the price of a product and the quantity sold—can be assigned to the object. The new link is also permanently available to other users and business domains as enriched information. This creates maximum data transparency for the entire company.

Data product value: Data freed from silos and linked data products

Manage quality in real time

Use automatic checks for quality anomalies—continuously and in real time. Notifications allow data owners to respond immediately and troubleshoot any detected issues. Help your teams accelerate projects by up to 70% and stay up to date with the data they collect.

Data product value: Valuable, linked data products for self-service

Publish on the data product marketplace or to 3rd party systems

Business experts benefit from the cross-functional, collaborative approach to access already published data products from the data experts in a common marketplace. The speed of reusing trusted data products to deliver new business use cases is much faster. The marketplace enables the request of development of a new Data Product by the business experts to create data products for their needs and use them across 3rd party tools —e.g. Tableau, PowerBI or Snowflake— for advanced analytics and seamless consumption.

Data product value: Improved collaboration with an agile approach for data product consumption

Fast, flexible cloud deployment

One Data provides flexible software options to integrate our technology into your IT infrastructure.

  • Cloud or hybrid deployment
  • Infrastructure as code with Terraform
  • Container-based cluster architecture via Kubernetes

Depending on your existing circumstances, cloud-based provision can ideally take place within a few days. We’d be delighted to answer any specific questions you may have regarding implementation.

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Packages for individual requirements
One Data can be used in companies of all sizes. Find out which package will best meet your needs.

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Download this flyer on the Data Product Builder for free: “Pave the Way for Business Innovation – Break the Cycle of Inefficient Data Management”

With the AI-powered Data Product Builder, you can start to treat data like a product and gain new insights. All source data is accessible without duplication and can be published by individual business domains as data products via automated, self-service processes. Now, you can automatically identify weak points, disclose data connections, and use AI to keep track of all inventories. With this foundation, data products can be implemented in the shortest possible time to boost productivity, sustainability, and transparency throughout the company.

  • See an overview of the entire data landscape and manage it
  • Deliver high-quality data products across domains
  • Use AI to identify anomalies, identify connections and quality issues
  • Integrate 3rd party tools like Tableau

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