The AI-Powered Data Product Builder

Boost efficiency with your business’s most valuable data

Connect and use data from across your greater data landscape—all within a single platform. One Data is the AI-powered Data Product Builder that helps teams collaborate effectively at each step of the data product delivery process—distributing responsibility to ensure time is spent by the right experts, reducing bottlenecks throughout the entire data product lifecycle. Driving business impact has never been faster.

Bring your data back to earth

Uncover insights from your most important data

Gain more powerful insights, simplify how you deliver data cross-functionally, and drive greater business impact with One Data’s interactive data map. Search for, clean, and analyze data across multiple sources while empowering anyone in your organization to find and use available data. Create standard, reusable processes to build data products, reducing bottlenecks and scaling data delivery.

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Fuel your data product mission

Think of One Data as your mission control center—a place where your team members can see and use any available data to make business decisions and improve business operations. One Data helps data teams reduce the stress and chaos of building new data assets and pipelines while providing a sustainable and repeatable approach to turning data into reliable and managed data products that can be deployed across an organization and managed by business domains.

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Prepare your data for test launch

With One Data’s robust data prep capabilities ensure your data is primed to change the way you make decisions and reach your business goals in record time. Whether you need greater visibility into your data assets and ecosystem, to connect disparate data from various systems, develop a prototype, or correct data inaccuracies, One Data’s platform can support how you prepare your data for greater use.

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Solve one of your team’s biggest data challenges

Ensuring high data quality isn’t an easy task for any team. One Data removes the frustration and stress with automated, customized data quality checks, quality alerts, and provides centralized access to managed and monitored data products. By prioritizing data quality, teams using One Data generate more useful insights, leading to reliable decisions that satisfy business goals in record time.

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Empower teams to collaborate more effectively

Publish your validated, ready-to-use data products to One Data’s Data Product Marketplace, where users can find and select data products for their unique projects, leverage them for data science projects, or power internal applications. Data products can be deployed to your existing business tools, like Tableau or Power BI, to support insight generation for teams within your organization or external partners.

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Drive greater impact with your data products

In a world that’s constantly changing, using your data to its fullest sets you apart from your competition.

One Data is built to help you achieve this. By connecting your data across systems and making it accessible across teams, you can oversee your entire data landscape and make sense of the bigger picture. It’s time to use your most valuable data and realize the business value that comes with building data products.

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