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Enhance Your Insights with Tableau and One Data

Leverage the capabilities of AI-powered data integration to elevate your Tableau experience. By combining Tableau’s exceptional visualization tools with One Data’s AI-powered Data Product Builder, you can efficiently connect, discover, prepare, quality-check, and deploy data products for use in Tableau and across your business intelligence landscape. Whether you need greater visibility to manage your Tableau ecosystem or build data products for the business to use, this partnership ensures that data-driven insights and visualizations are both accurate and impactful for your organization.

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Redefined visual analytics with Tableau

Tableau excels at transforming complex data into intuitive and easily understandable insights. When combined with One Data, we enhance Tableau’s inherent capabilities, providing a richer and more productive data exploration journey.

Enhance your Tableau experience with One Data

Foster collaboration and break down silos

One Data’s data product marketplace serves as a dynamic collaboration space to find data products that your entire enterprise can use in Tableau. This approach promotes rapid discovery, and versatile deployment of data products, encouraging reuse and cross-functional sharing that unlocks new business opportunities and streamlines the flow of data across the enterprise.

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Track your data’s lineage across systems

One Data enhances your Tableau experience by providing you with a detailed view of data lineage, enabling teams to easily trace data assets across your entire data landscape. This ensures clarity on data connections and usage, facilitates the quick identification and correction of errors, and allows for active metadata enrichment to accurately map data relationships and dependencies, ultimately building more powerful and reliable data products.

Take your data products further

One Data’s third-party connections simplify data architecture with built-in connectors that enable easy integration of diverse data sources. This ensures that data teams have immediate access and a streamlined process to build, understand, and deploy high-quality data products across the business landscape. Utilize your existing technology, from business intelligence tools like Tableau to advanced analytics platforms, and maximize their effectiveness.

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See the power of One Data and Tableau in action

Learn “How One Data Accelerates your Tableau Investment” in this use case. One Data’s AI-powered Data Product Builder enables data experts in professional soccer leagues to connect, discover, prepare, and publish high-quality data products to understand player performance and forecast bottom-line impact.

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Optimize Tableau analytics with One Data


Intuitive visual navigation and metadata-based search in One Data ensure swift and precise data integration into Tableau, allowing you to find and use necessary data in any connected source system to build your perfect data product up to 80% faster.


One Data empowers you to manage your Tableau ecosystem by providing an all-encompassing visual data landscape showing data sources, workbooks, dashboards, and sheets while displaying their relationships and data lineages.


One Data’s AI-powered Data Product Builder uses an SQL interface to deploy data products, ensuring broad compatibility with Tableau and other BI tools keeping data products constantly updated wherever they are used.

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