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Don’t you love when you ordered a product, and you receive the message: “Your order has been shipped”? Customers want to know precisely when their delivery will arrive and track the status of it every step of the way. Depending on the production and delivery processes, forecasting this with certainty is a major challenge for the manufacturing industry.

By using the AI-powered Data Product Builder, our client in manufacturing was able to develop a delivery tracking data product that addressed their need for a positive and emotionalized end-customer experience. The data product was seamlessly integrated into their existing systems landscape, linking relevant data from various company departments, and visualizing them in an intuitive, easy-to-use data map. This allows for reliable delivery dates to be predicted based on the client’s factory calendar—taking throughput times into account—with the help of a machine learning algorithm. Complex production processes and lengthy supply chains are no longer an issue as the data product can account for unexpected conditions and circumstances, ensuring customers are informed with maximum transparency.

To achieve this, our customer now uses a smartphone app visualizes the results of the calculations generated by the data product, so that buyers can follow the route their product takes in real-time on a map. Background information is also available for each of the fourteen supply chain milestones. A countdown was also added to highlight the accuracy of the forecast and increase anticipation for the upcoming delivery.

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