thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Optimizes Its Production Processes

Using the Data Product Builder to optimize production processes

Steel production processes lead to the creation of billions of data points for offers, quality assurance, logistics and much more. At thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, linking these types of data called for an extensive amount of manual work. In addition, there was a lack of transparency surrounding cross-departmental collaboration and responsibilities.

Today, our data products use artificial intelligence to correlate existing and future company data, to make all forms of analysis much easier. It creates an overarching data layer that can be uniformly addressed and evaluated, e.g., to help us optimize transport logistics and reduce frictional losses across our supply chain.

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thyssenkrupp Steel Europe is a widespread and highly specialized manufacturer. During the production of its innovative steel products in Europe, it generates significant volumes of data, including customer offers and orders for raw material deliveries, quality assurance, storage and worldwide transport logistics using its own inland port or railway. The complexity of the enterprise makes planning challenging and time-consuming.

Dieter Grossmann
Dieter Grossmann, Head of Enterprise Platforms & Data Intelligence, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe


“Without the willingness of the project managers and the entire team to constantly rethink and understand what thyssenkrupp Steel Europe wants to achieve, we wouldn’t have come this far and wouldn’t be where we are today.“


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