Data Products

What are Data Products?

Data products are the result of applying the Data Mesh principle of “Data as a Product” to the way your organization is treating data. Here, product thinking is applied to data, meaning that there are producers who offer data as a product and consumers who are treated as customers.

Data products are managed by the responsible business units and are prepared and made available in high quality at a self-service marketplace for the company, where business users can use the data product for their specific use case.

The primary objective of a data product is to manage, organize and make sense of the vast amount of data that organizations collect and generate. The data users must put the insights to use that they gain from these data products, take actions and make better decisions based on these insights.


“Data as a product is about applying product thinking to how data is modeled and shared.” – Zhamak Dehghani

Data Product Properties

According to Zhamak Deghani, a high-quality data product that can be easily used by everyone in the company to generate value must be feasible, valuable and usable:

Learn more about the characteristics of data products here.

Benefits of Treating Data as Products

  • Break down data silos through sharing data products across teams
  • Enable the entire company to accelerate data-driven innovation
  • Get the most value out of data by making it utilizable by all
Andreas Böhm, Founder and Managing Director


“Data experts spend 80% of their time finding and organizing data and just 20% on actually analyzing data and generating real value out of it. Making data available, usable and connectable is where the value is – and we tackle that challenge through data products and Data Mesh.”

How to Get Started with Building a Data Product

But what do you actually need to build such a data product? With One Data you pave the way for your first data products and have the unique opportunity to implement Data Mesh in your organization. The first steps on the way to a data product are:

  • Defining the problem
  • Identifying the target audience
  • Selecting the right data
  • Connect various data sources
  • Cleaning and preparing data
  • Publication in the marketplace
  • Monitoring and maintenance

If you want to build reliable, reusable, and easy-to-manage data products in 80% less time, all you need is the AI-powered Data Product Builder One Data. Arrange a call with one of our experts to discuss your company’s specific use cases.

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Start Building Data Products and Get More Out of Your Data with One Data

One Data is an AI-powered Data Product Builder that helps data experts build and deploy data products. An interactive data map enables them to see the entire data landscape, assess data assets, and identify connections between them, reducing the time to build data products. Leading data-driven organizations choose One Data to develop and deploy cutting-edge Data Mesh or Data Fabric architectures. Business users can access data products via a marketplace using their preferred analytics or data science tools.
One Data is empowering data teams to achieve their full potential and fostering data cultures within organizations. Experience the AI-powered Data Product Builder in action and see the full potential for yourself – simply book a free demo.

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How Does One Data Work?

  • Interactive map giving you a complete and comprehensive overview of the data landscape
  • Easily navigate across different data sources from anywhere
  • Automatically detect patterns, link records and merge data
  • Seamless integration to third party tools
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