Build an Indestructible Supply Chain in Pharma

Planning for the unplannable: Uniting supplier data with data products

One Data’s pharma customer developed a heat map data product that offers real-time visibility, predictive insights, and resilience by integrating stakeholders and streamlining material inventory. Improved collaboration ensures meeting strict regulations and faster product launches.

In a globalized world, supply chains are becoming increasingly complex—making them easily disreputable by unpredictable changes and events. Especially in the pharmaceutical sector, which requires strict regulations and precise demand forecasting. Optimizing the supply chain calls for vast amounts of internal and external data to be aligned holistically across different systems. Together with One Data, our customer in the pharma industry built a data product that provides a complete overview of all relevant supply chain data. This enables them to react to disruptions in near real time. Learn how this data product was created and explore the potential for your own company!

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