How SCHOTT AG is Maximizing Manufacturing Efficiencies through Data (Products) On-Demand Webinar

Watch our webinar on-demand “How SCHOTT AG is Maximizing Manufacturing Efficiencies through Data (Products)”

SCHOTT AG has been revolutionizing glass as a material for nearly 140 years, fueled by a pioneering spirit, innovative thinking, and forward-thinking approaches.
It‘s no surprise that a progressive enterprise such as SCHOTT is already at the forefront of data management, seizing fresh opportunities for value creation across the organization. Martin Kemmer, Head of Smart Factory drove the decision to move away from a centralized data architecture and instead he focused his team and company to start treating data as a product.

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Watch the recording to learn how SCHOTT AG:

  • Successfully implemented Data Mesh within the organization
  • Started to treat data as products and shifted ownership to those departments and people who know the data best
  • Uses data products to automatically calculate the optimal settings for glass rolling machines based on historical data and harmonize the global KPI reporting system

This webinar is for:

  • Decision makers for data topics who are looking for ways how to deal with decentralized data architectures.
  • People who are looking for real-life examples of implemented Data Meshes and the use of data products.

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Watch the video, dive into One Data and start your data journey directly with our AI-powered Data Product Builder. Find out how SCHOTT is utilizing data products with One Data and strengthening data competence and usage across business unit.

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