How One Data Accelerates your Tableau Investment: Avoid the Crippling Costs of Siloed Data On-Demand Webinar

Watch our webinar on-demand “How One Data Accelerates your Tableau Investment: Avoid the Crippling Costs of Siloed Data”

Enterprise organizations and professional soccer teams share a common need for data to make informed decisions, explore revenue opportunities, and manage costs. However, they often face challenges in connecting and preparing diverse data for analysis in tools like Tableau. Swift access to data products is crucial for top-performing teams, enabling them to analyze data, uncover insights, mitigate risks, and achieve corporate goals.

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Watch the recording to learn how to:

  • Build trusted, understandable, and accessible data products that can be exported to Tableau with a single click.
  • Accelerate the creation of data products that are built in One Data and published to your analytics tool(s) of choice, like Tableau, PowerBI, or Qlik.
  • Connect, discover, prep and quality-check data products quickly that can be deployed to 3rd party tools to help you deliver data for the business users.
  • Understand the parallels between enterprise data and professional soccer data and how to connect data assets that support achievement of KPIs and reduce risk.

This webinar is for:

  • Data experts who deal with data requests from different teams with different BI- and analytics tools.
  • Decision makers who already have Tools as Tableau in place but struggle to generate the promised value due to crippling data siloes.

In partnership with Tableau:

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Watch the video, dive into One Data and start your data journey directly with our AI-powered Data Product Builder. Our speakers Neda Talyai and Oliver Linder show you the benefits for Tableau and analytics tool users when data products are made available through One Data.

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