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Tableau Integration to One Data

Experience seamless data management with One Data, empowering Tableau users to efficiently organize data sources for faster, more reliable insights.
By combining Tableau’s exceptional visualization tools with One Data’s advanced data integration and data management capabilities through our AI-powered Data Product Builder, data experts can efficiently create, deploy and manage data products for use in Tableau. Whether you’re managing your Tableau instance or building data products for the business to use, this partnership ensures that data-driven insights and visualizations are both accurate and impactful for your organization.

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Tableau Offers Analytics People Love to Use

As the preferred choice for modern business intelligence, Tableau excels at visualizing diverse data into quick, easy-to-understand insights through a user-friendly drag and drop mechanism. When coupled with One Data, Tableau’s capabilities are enhanced, delivering an even more efficient and streamlined data analysis experience.

Effortlessly make every last bit of your data available for use.

Efficient self-service data access

Simplify data availability with One Data’s self-service portal, which allows users to easily request data access, collaborate with data owners, and locate data products, streamlining the flow of data across the enterprise.

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Seamless Tableau integration

One Data easily expands your Tableau experience by making a larger set of high-quality, connected data products readily available for analysis and visualization.

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Continuous data quality improvements

Enhance the usability of your data with One Data’s real-time data quality checks, including cleansing, preparation, AI-based anomaly detection, and metadata enrichment for superior data product quality.

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See the Power of One Data and Tableau in Action

Watch the Webinar “How One Data Accelerates your Tableau Investment: Avoid the Crippling Costs of Siloed Data”

Discover the power of One Data and Tableau working together in our webinar! See how One Data’s AI-powered Data Product Builder enables data experts across industries, including enterprises and professional soccer leagues, to effortlessly connect, discover, prepare, and publish high-quality data products.

Learn how this seamless integration improves analysis and insight in Tableau for better-informed business decisions.

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Achieve a more comprehensive understanding of your Tableau landscape for faster analytics.

  1. Effortless data connection and traceability

    Increase the speed of analysis with One Data's automatic data tracking and linkage across system boundaries, connecting data silos and ensuring maximum data transparency throughout the enterprise.

  2. Streamlined data exploration and discovery

    Simplify data integration in Tableau with One Data's easy navigation and metadata-based search, allowing for faster and more accurate analysis.

  3. Enhanced data landscape clarity

    Strengthen your understanding of your Tableau landscape with One Data's improved transparency, which provides comprehensive views of data sources, workbooks, dashboards, and sheets, including their relationships, for more efficient analysis.

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