30. OCTOBER 2020 Looking to the Future of AI and Mobility in Europe Together!

A Boost for EU Transport Ministers

With Germany chairing the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) organized an informal meeting between the transport ministers of the EU.

The ministers attended this meeting virtually on October 29 and 30, during which our members of the “KIMoNo” research project presented their capacity for innovation and resourcefulness in a livestream from the University of Passau.

Since the ministries of transport tend to also be responsible for digital infrastructure, it made sense to use the opportunity to present solutions with which Europe can become “fit for the future”.

Input from ONE LOGIC* came in the form of two uses cases developed within the KIMoNo research project financed by the BMVI: optimization of logistics and optimization of traffic through Artificial Intelligence (AI). *We’ve been operating as “One Data” since 2023.

Cross-docking is a distribution strategy that enables the consolidation of products from origins to destinations. Our data products provide AI-assisted forecasts that support cross-docking algorithms, thereby reducing the number of trips and helping to speed up supply chains. A second use case showed how cross-docking can help regulate traffic flow in urban centers congested by commuters.

“Avoiding unnecessary transportation and a more efficient control of mobility and logistics offer ecological and economic benefits for society and economy. In addition to financial savings, the use of data science and artificial intelligence via our data products can contribute to secure and sustainable transportation concepts,” says our Founder and Managing Director, Andreas Böhm, on the relevance of this project. The transport ministers followed our ideas with interest, and we were able to convince with our data science and AI expertise, as well as the possible applications of our data products.

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