29. APRIL 2022 ONE LOGIC* Makes Complex Supply Chains Transparent and Prevents Bottlenecks

ONE LOGIC* Interview in WirtschaftsWoche

In Germany’s leading business magazine, the WirtschaftsWoche, Andreas Böhm talks about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the optimization of supply chains.
Learn how supply chains can be optimized in order to prevent bottlenecks.

In the wake of international challenges like the pandemic and the ongoing chip crisis, widespread supply chains have become fragile. However, if companies use their data correctly, they can avoid bottlenecks and keep production running.

Following the Handelsblatt, Germany’s leading business magazine WirtschaftsWoche recently reported on global supply chains and ONE LOGIC*. In the article, founder and CEO Andreas Böhm provides comprehensive insights into how we used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize the supply chain of a pharmaceutical company in order to prevent supply bottlenecks. *We’ve been operating as “One Data” since 2023.
However, our supply chain solution can be used in any supply chain and regardless of the customer’s industry. Transparency and complete information are crucial for a functioning supply chain – ONE LOGIC delivers a solution that can work with internal and external data and across systems.

Andreas Böhm, Founder and Managing Director

“In our experience, a system like this for supply chain optimization can be implemented within one quarter.”

“We know from working with our customers that complex supply chains contain a multitude of different data and data sources. In AI projects, almost 80 to 90 percent of the work consists of preparing the data accordingly so that it fits together,” explains Andreas Böhm. ONE LOGIC automatically collects and analyzes all supply chain-relevant data and shows, in the form of a heat map, which production materials are available in the company and beyond the supply chain. The analysis includes existing materials, materials that will soon arrive, and materials that have been requested.

Time is money – this is especially true for supply chains. Our solution monitors potential bottlenecks automatically and in real time. If necessary, the system notifies supply chain managers, who can then respond to problems immediately. In the event of material shortages, replacements can be found through approaches such as material matching: Regardless of whether a component is in stock at the company’s own warehouse, at another production facility or at an external supplier, the solution finds the most sensible alternative. This works across systems and independently of part numbers and manufacturer designations.

This enables customers to prevent production downtime, save resources in procurement, and increase customer satisfaction.

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